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LiveChat is a premium 360° customer service platform which automates your work and increases your sales.

ChatBot is an intelligent virtual assistant for your websites, facebook pages, and messaging apps.

Automatically collect newsletter subscribers using chat bot on your website

Use chatbot to automate email list or newsletter subscriptions.

newsletter subscriptions chatbot

How to automate visitors subscriptions to newsletter.

How to automate clients subscription using chatbot and livechat applications on your website. These tools help you grow your email list or newsletter.

Chatbots can also be useful when extending your newsletter or email list subscriptions. When a bot is available on your WordPress page, it may ask a person if they want to receive regular updates of products or your promotional offers via email. Once you provide your address and other contact information, the user immediately lands in your archive categorized as a new subscriber.

ChatBot allows you to export segmented user lists to your email marketing software, so you can add new subscribers to existing lists. This allows you to reach a larger audience with your email and marketing campaigns.

ChatBot as a bot to generate leads

Increase sales with a chatbot to generate leads on your website and on Facebook. Forget about optimizing the form and start building stronger relationships with your future customers by providing an engaging conversation experience.

With the ChatBot Lead Generation bot template you will be able to:

  • Collect and process user queries
  • Generating new leads and collecting contact information (name, e-mail, company name, company size, additional message)
  • Send data directly to your CRM and Google docs
  • Segment and qualify wires automatically
  • Engaging more website visitors and Facebook users

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