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LiveChat is a premium 360° customer service platform which automates your work and increases your sales.

ChatBot is an intelligent virtual assistant for your websites, facebook pages, and messaging apps.

Improve business conversions through customization with a chatbot to WordPress.

Customers don’t always know how to look for products. Very often they look for items in the wrong categories and do not find what they need. If this happens, a chatbot can come to the rescue.

A chatbot can quickly find the products that visitors are looking for and help them determine what they need. They can ask a potential customer a set of questions explaining the type of product, its size, colour, brand and purpose.

Better business conversion on the website thanks to chatbot for WordPress.

Once they have found the right products, a chatbot can present their target offers with attractive cards or carousels that attract the attention of visitors. In addition, when a person chooses which products they want to buy, the bot can add their products to the shopping cart and recommend related products or offers. But the ride does not end there.

When a customer decides to buy a product, the bot can authorize its payment in a chat window and then allow the customer to track its shipment. In short, your chatbot can hold a visitor’s hand and guide them through the entire shopping trip.

If you would like to test the bot on your WordPress page, you can use our ChatBot e-commerce template. It can be easily implemented on your website and adapted to your needs if necessary.

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