LiveChat is a premium 360° customer service platform that automates your work and drive your sales.

ChatBot is an intelligent virtual assistant for your websites, facebook pages, and messaging apps.

Keep visitors interested and engage them on your website


engage visitors using live chatAs a business owner, you think about marketing strategies to engage visitors on your website. How to start chat and keep them interested without being too pushy.

Chat bot with artificial intelligence (ChatBot) instantly answers customers’ questions and this is undoubtedly one of their best skills. When chatting with users they can also display attractive pictures, GIFs or videos on YouTube that increase engagement.

However, chatbots do not have to wait passively for guest questions. The opposite is true. They can initiate a chat by sending customized greetings. The chat invitation appears just above the chat widget and is a great way to start rolling the ball. You can greet the guest, offer help, and even promote your seasonal discounts.

ChatBot lets you decide when your greetings will be sent. This can be time spent on the site, website address or other custom variables. As a result, your message can be more detailed and better tailored to your customer’s specific situation. A custom greeting is more likely to engage the customer and get them to start talking. The more time visitors spend on your pages, the more opportunities you have to educate them about your brand, products and offers.


So let’s use ChatBot on a business website!


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