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LiveChat features

LiveChat is a premium 360° customer service platform which automates your work and increases your sales.

ChatBot is an intelligent virtual assistant for your websites, facebook pages, and messaging apps.

Video review of Livechat premium plugin for WordPress

livechat for wordpress

Add live chat (LiveChat) to your clients’ WordPress website and provide them with an additional channel of communication with their website visitors. The installation consists of few easy steps and should only take a few minutes to setup.

LiveChat Premium plugin for WordPress is probably the best on the market. There is no wonder as the most reputable WordPress review websites place it as a number 1 solution.

LiveChat comparison vs Zendesk Chat vs Facebook Messanger vs Olark vs Sendinblue vs Tidio:

On the interent there is a lot of comparisons of various live chats. LiveChat comes out as one of the top solutions. The main reason is that LiveChat integrates easily with most of other solutions like MailChimp and even competitors like Facebook Messanger.

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Plugin to WordPress on LiveChat allows you to easily integrate your website with their solution. The chat window is also friendly and simple. But know that prices may vary depending on the number of agents in your team.

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LiveChat has a huge ecosystem of applications and support for all major platforms out there. This makes the custom setup process easier than ever.

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LiveChat is probably the best WordPress live chat plugin on the market. No other WordPress live chat plugin compares to LiveChat and has features it offers.

From start-ups to global businesses, LiveChat is suitable for all businesses, regardless of size or industry. Some of our clients include: PayPal, Ikea, TED, Adobe, Huawei, Ikea, BBB, Acer, Pizza Hut, Virgin.

Please see basic WordPress chatting features:

Live chat (LiveChat) for WordPress benefits:

  1. Chat Assignment – automatic assignment of conversations equally between available teammates. Alternatively, they can go straight to the queue and it’s up to you and your team to pick them up.
  2. Customizable Chat Widget – each part of the live chat field can be customized to work with the rest of your website’s appearance; tag your live chat with your logo and include social media channels.
  3. File Upload Support – you can send and receive files using the live chat widget to reach agreement faster.
  4. Ticket form – When you exit offline, our live chat plugin for WordPress allows you to communicate with your customers by storing their messages as tickets. When you return online, you can answer these questions.
  5. Visitor Tracking – allows you to gather relevant information about your visitors on site. You can track their name, current page, time zone and more without leaving the live chat application.
  6. Agent Support and Rating – better understand your visitors’ satisfaction, allowing them to rate the chat as good or bad during or after a live chat session.
  7. Multi-channel communication – reach your customers regardless of the channel they are using live chat, Facebook pages, instant messaging, Twitter and email.
  8. Chat Invitations – allow you to initiate conversations when certain criteria are met, i.e. automatically chat live with your visitors when they land on your site.
  9. Surveys before and after chat – add surveys to the live chat window; collect customer information and insights at the beginning and end of each chat.
  10. Chat log and data export – view comments that reflect your customers’ needs and expectations. All messages are stored and can be accessed later; using our API, you will be able to export them all to the area of your choice.
  11. Chat on multiple websites – if you run several websites, you can connect all of them to one LiveChat account. Moreover, you can maintain a consistent look of the chat widget on all pages and sites.
  12. Chat window themes – choose one of several different styles when choosing the appearance of the live chat window.
  13. Reports and Analysis – spot areas that can be optimized and more efficient with built-in live chat and ticket metrics. Reports are also available via API. Collected data can be exported in CSV format.
  14. Mobile live chat apps – mobile apps on iOS and Android help you talk to customers wherever you are.
  15. Chat tags and keywords – allow you to organize and categorize live chat content to help you find common problems and questions.
  16. Chat notifications – With a variety of options in the app, browser, audio, and email notifications, you’ll never miss a live chat again.
  17. Facebook Messenger – Keep all your communication in one place, responding to new messages from your fans and customers directly within the live chat app.
  18. Create and manage tickets – create tickets for cases that can’t be solved in one live chat. Once you have a solution, go back to them to complete the cases.
  19. Pre-defined answers – Pre-defined answers in live chat that will allow you to be more efficient and help your customers faster.
  20. Chat transcripts – if you want to keep an additional archive of conversations, you can get complete live chat transcripts from LiveChat.
  21. User groups – teammates based on expertise – sales, support and finance – and assign live chat transcripts to them.
  22. Banning guests – to minimize the “trolls” that take up your time. Use it wisely.
  23. Move chat – exchange conversations when needed; this is very useful when you encounter cases that only a particular team member can handle.
  24. Sales integration – with our e-commerce integration you can see which sales were supported by live chat. Live Chat via a direct link to a live chat – invite customers to start a live chat from anywhere by placing a link in your emails, social media or website.

How to install LiveChat for WordPress (step by step):

Install LiveChat on your WordPress page. To get started, log in to the WordPress admin panel and then follow these steps:
  1. Go to Plugins section in WordPress admin panel.
  2. Click on the Add new button.
  3. Type LiveChat in the search bar. You will find it in the top right corner.
  4. In the search results you will find LiveChat – WP live chat plugin for WordPress.
  5. Click on Install Now to continue.
  6. Wait a few seconds until the plugin is installed, then click on Activate.
  7. You will be moved to the Plugins section of the WordPress administrator. There click on the Settings button available under LiveChat plugin.

If you do not have a LiveChat account yet, enter your e-mail address and name and click on Connect.

If you already have a LiveChat account, click on the Login link at the bottom of the form and log in to your LiveChat account.

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